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Tom Cruise all wet in London

For those of you who haven’t seen what happened to Tom Cruise on Monday, you can take a look at the video at Tampa Bay’s 10.

I know it’s great to see stars brought down to earth but I thought he was remarkably cool under the circumstances. It could have been anything coming out of that microphone but he calmly towelled himself off, took hold of the guy and kept himself from blowing his top.

Apparently it’s for a new show on Channel Four which sounds like a more in-your-face version of Dennis Pennis – quite literally it seems here.

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  1. I thought Tom was quite cool about this too. I didn’t find this very funny either. I’m a fan of Dennis Pennis and Trigger Happy type humour, but I thought this was a bit much. Physical acts on unsuspecting people is not on and this sets a bad example. I think the guy who did it looked like the fool.