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Dell X1

Dell X1Work has been getting busier and busier of late and there are lots of things to do in our house, so I’ve been finding that I have almost no time for emailing and blogging. I’ve always been crap at keeping up with my friends through email and constantly find myself thinking about a number of things that I haven’t got done so after much thought I decided to treat myself to a laptop. The idea is that I’ll be able to just pick it up and keep up with my emails as well as use it on the train to and from work and so far it’s working.

I went for the Dell X1, an ultraportable model which would make lugging it around nice and easy. I knew that I wanted an ultraportable but had been considering the IBM X41; I’ve been using IBM laptops at work for a number of years and find them very functional and easy-to-use. However, the massive price difference between the IBM X41 and the Dell X1 – especially with the 7% discount I get through a scheme at work – meant that I plumped for the latter. They each have a few features that the other doesn’t as shown by this detailed comparison.

It’s a gorgeous machine – very small, very lightweight and with just enough features for me. The built-in bluetooth means that it is very easy to connect a number of peripherals such as a headset, phone and PDA and the 60Gb hard drive is all the space I’ll probably ever need away from home. It has even got built-in slots for SD and CompactFlash cards making it easy to transfer files from digital cameras etc.

Hopefully the blogging drought is over!

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