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Gone wireless

dg834gt.jpgI’ve just managed to get my new Netgear wireless router working and I’m typing this from the kitchen! It’s very cool – now I can get on with work on my laptop while Katie uses the computer in a different room.

It took a little bit of setting up and wasn’t without some frustration – BT Broadband insisted that I didn’t need to use a password to log in with them but the router wouldn’t attempt a connection without one. They kindly gave me the number for Netgear technical support, whom I found to be very helpful but I still couldn’t get connected – the lady on the phone told me that I should go back to BT and request a password. Finally, I tried typing a dummy password and it magically worked!

From the release notes for the beta version of the firmware available on the Netgear website it looks as though this problem is known about and will be fixed soon.

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  1. Good stuff! I love having a wireless network, it’s so good to be able to take the laptop anywhere. It will be great when you can take it into your new garden.

    Working with networks can be so troublesome. I find it amazing that with all the clever things people can do with technology; it still remains to be frustratingly taxing for the average user to setup. When will this stuff be made simple?