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What’s on TV?

A friend of mine has developed a fantastic free application that shows you what’s on TV in the UK. It’s a good alternative to DigiGuide which I used to use until I had to pay for it. I especially like the links to Google when you click on episode titles and the automatic Internet Movie Database links when you click on films. Other people have built on top of it – there’s now a Windows version, a WAP version and a Flash interface as well. Great stuff.

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  1. That is absolute genius! I use the free, web-based version of Digiguide, but you can only see four basic channels wihtout signing up and paying.

    However, the one feature that the free DigiGuide does have that I find particularly handy is a programme search option…if you want to find programmes where Clint Eastwood is involved, you type in his name, and you’ll get anything with him in the title, or in the description. It’s excellent if you’ve missed something on TV and you’re trying to find out if it’s gonna be repeated etc…

    Mr Flegg (if you’re reading) – any chance of a programme search as the cherry atop your already mighty fine cup-cake?

  2. Hi Andy/James,

    There is a (currently) basic search available on the TV front page, as well as the ability to create an account, customise your channels etc.

    Future plans also include (optionally) lining up programmes on at the same time, daily reminders etc. Just need to find some spare time behind the sofa!