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Threads again

I finally got around to watching my Threads DVD last night. I really can hardly believe I watched it as a kid – it was so much more disturbing that I remembered, and very graphic. It’s one of those films that needs to be watched once – like Schindler’s List – as it has such an important message, but it’s definitely not something you would watch again and again.

It’s hard to believe now that during the early 1980s the Government was selling leaflets on how to ‘Protect and Survive’ in the event of a nuclear attack. Even though we constantly face the threat of terrorism in this country – and have done for a very long time – it doesn’t feel as scary as the possibility of a nuclear war.

On a lighter note, as Threads was made in 1984 it was great to see something that I had completely forgotten about – the arm that used to be at the end of supermarket checkouts to separate different sets of shopping! I’ve captured an image from the DVD here.
A checkout arm in a scene from Threads

When did these disappear? Why did they go? I guess it’s just a sign of these super-fast times that checkouts now don’t let you take very long over bagging up your shopping.

There was also a quick glimpse of some graffiti on the DVD that reminded me of something I saw in North Finchley during a snowy day in 2002.

'No War' graffiti from a scene in Threads

'No War' graffiti seen in North Finchley in 2002

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  1. I have been trying to get hold of a copy of ‘Threads’ but it’s impossible to get one ofr under £50.00 at the least. Can anyone suggest where I might be able to get one?