About to head into a busy period of school governing with committee meetings, a full governing board meeting, the Hertfordshire annual conference, our Improvement Partner Standards Visit and Headteacher annual appraisal all in the space of a couple of weeks. These are exciting times as we have a lot of new governors joining us as well. It’s incredibly full-on but I do love it.

Great podcast episode that goes deep into just how outstanding Lewis Hamilton is at qualifying. I was a massive fan of Hamilton when he turned up in 2007 and was literally jumping in the air when he won his incredible first championship in 2008. I must admit to rooting for Nico Rosberg in recent years as I felt that the German driver carried himself with much more professionalism and good grace as they battled throughout a season, but Lewis’ incredible achievements now speak for themselves, cementing him as one of the all-time great drivers and probably the best qualifier that we have ever seen.

Catching a train home after 11pm following a very busy day at work. Feel as though units of time have been undergoing some kind of hyperinflation recently as I am working as hard as ever but not achieving as much as I want to. Either that or the numerator in the equation has increased because I want to do a lot more. So conscious of having turned 40 last year and how much I want to cram into whatever time I have left, but that’s probably a topic for a longer post.

Argh! Dialled into a conference call that is playing the news to me while I wait for the call to begin. No opt-out. Audio equivalent of having TV news on everywhere — too distracting and not good for getting work done while I’m waiting. Whose idea was this?

Just set a new PB for mowing the front lawn. House presentability has now been marginally upgraded from ‘oh, that poor family must have died’ to ‘if we have to go in and the inside is as bad as the outside, don’t sit down on anything’.