RIP Glen Campbell. If you haven’t seen the ‘I’ll Be Me’ film it is well worth a watch; Alzheimer’s is such a terrible disease and you get to see him dealing with it with great dignity. Thoughts with his family, they seemed so lovely in that film.

Sadly had to withdraw from Sunday’s Prudential London-Surrey 100 as I’ve been nowhere near London and didn’t realise I had to pick up the entry documents from The Excel. £85 for nothing. Looked back over the comms and I really don’t think this was made clear enough when signing up. Hey ho.

Having been a fan of F1 since about 1991, today is the first day I am going to see a GP live. Pretty excited! 🏎

This morning I am mainly on a ship in the Thames learning about GDPR.

Photo taken at: HQS Wellington

The only advantage of what the barber just did to my hair is that I now don’t need to go back there for quite some time.

Is there an inverse correlation between expensive phone ownership and impromptu water fights over time? 🤔

Album Club. This is amazing and I can’t believe I haven’t listened to it before!

Once again I’m standing on a squished 4-carriage only train to work. We only seem to measure train punctuality in the UK. Quality of service is more difficult but surely number of trains with reduced carriages in a period of time should result in a penalty of some kind?