I started a blog back in 2004 as a vehicle to get things out of my head, off my chest and into the ether. I had been reading a lot about blogs, had been a long-time lurker and minor participant on the Metafilter link blog, had put a website or two of my own together and felt the time was right to start writing my thoughts down. It felt a lot more constructive than ranting about things to my wife and anyone else who would lend me an ear. I was always having conversations with my good friend Mat about great things I had seen on the web and decided it would be a good idea to put them out there for all to see. We both decided to start a blog around the same time and I quickly found it a great way to keep up-to-date with whatever he had been up to.

Time passed by, children came along and Twitter was invented. Both took up a lot of my time and the latter meant that I had an easier, faster outlet for my thoughts. There’s still a place for thoughts that take up more than 140 characters and I also wanted somewhere to store some things that I like to occasionally refer to. This is that place for me.

I have a background in Computer Science; by day I am a project portfolio manager at an Investment Bank in London and by evening (and sometimes weekends) I am chair of governors at a primary school. I have two amazing young boys and a very wonderful wife. Life is very busy but very good.

If you want to get in contact with me you can find me on Twitter as @adoran2 or email me at andrew@andrewdoran.uk.